Simone Rocha AW17


I was thrilled to have another opportunity to work with Karla Otto on the Simone Rocha AW17 show at London Fashion Week, hosted within the confines of the breath takingly beautiful venue, Lancaster House, a mansion built in 1825 for the second son of King George III and a venue that Simone has employed in previous seasons to host her exquisite collections.IMG_0550

I have always admired Simone Rocha’s uses of contrast within her designs, the ways in which her clothes almost become a narrative, telling a story throughout her collections.

Not only is she diverse in design but also diverse in whom she is creating the collection for. A modern woman who encapsulates all of the emotions of today. A mixture of aggressiveness and delicateness, strong silhouettes with soft touches.

This collection included all the familiar signatories of Simone Rocha such as peter pan collars, fuzzy loafers, voluminous petticoat dresses but were more refined with the added inclusion of tweed suiting and military velvet coats, all creating a much sleeker silhouette.

Simone Rocha RTW Fall 2017

Ensured this collection will appeal to a wide audience of women of all ages – a celebration of diversity.


It was an absolute pleasure to work with both Karla Otto & Simone Rocha’s remarkable teams once again.