No well-edited wardrobe is complete without the classics.

It’s time to expand your wardrobe and invest in a few key pieces this festive season as it looks like these trends are here to stay and luckily they are totally wearable and easily paired with any current items you already have.

Across the four fashion weeks designers were more audacious with silhouette, cut and bold with colour.

Designers have become more daring with their collections in recent seasons as the immense popularity of London Fashion Week Mens continues to grow since it launched 5 years ago and is becoming ever prominent in the industry.

Another representation of relevant rebelliousness was shown this season across the board at fashion week to encourage and engage us with the problems surrounding us both economically, socially and politically allowing us to make a visual statement through our own individual style. So take this season as an opportunity to not only get your opinions heard but seen too.

This A/W showcase revealed a more relaxed, playful and daring approach to menswear so embrace the chilled vibes and be sure to add that tonal pop of jubilant colour to your wardrobe to help spread a little cheer.



Red is undeniably the colour of the season. The catwalks were inundated with this divine colour way from powerful scarlet to crimson and candy apple reds.

Jackets at Agi & Sam and tailoring at John Lawrence Sullivan and Vivienne Westwood. Dior went all out with their red – to – toe vibe and Dries Van Noten electrified her looks with a burst of red knitwear


Embrace your inner power ranger, be brave and go for an all red ensemble – you’ll be sure to make a powerful statement and how can anyone knock you for being so festively involved.

If that’s really not for you then just make sure that you treat yourself to a burst of red knitwear – a trendy treat that makes you all happy and warm inside when you put it on.


The catwalks weren’t afraid to hold back on their opinions this time around. Rolling on for another season slogans are back and bolder than ever with a difference of being sewn into the actual knitwear rather than on top of it, giving this trend a whole new depth of meaning.

The likes of Fendi have been putting out slogans over the past few seasons but now the likes of Raf Simons , Dior and Valentino have jumped on the band wagon meaning that this trend is here to stay.


Express yourself! The slogan garment should be the hero piece to your look so keep everything else muted and let the words tell the story.




I know for most guys the autumn/winter season is the perfect excuse to retreat to the dark side and pretty much wear nothing but black and maybe, very occasionally, some grey, so if this is sounding anything at all like you then perhaps this will be the trend you are most suited for.

Used widely across fashion week green appeared as a major player in the trend arena this season such as Fendi, Valentino, Missoni and Craig Green.


So I’m not asking you to get rid of any of the black or the grey but perhaps use some green to break these looks up. Lighter shades of green are typical of streetwear such as bombers or structured shirts whereas a darker shade of green would usually be attributed to a smarter asthetic pair these items with your usual dark wardrobe pieces and pow! You’ll see an immediate difference in definition between colours and feel super confident and coordinated.


4. Chilled Feels


 Great news you can now pretty much walk around the streets in your duvet thanks to this popular trend. The quilt is here availabile in full ensemble from bomber jacket to trouser leg so if you’re a comfort seeker then jump on board this trend train.

A total style obsession this season seen at the likes of Balenciaga, Craig Green and Dries Van Noten in the form of dramatic oversized shapes and volumes.


If you’re only up for one duvet like item in your wardrobe then please make sure it is the padded jacket or bomber giving your outfit instant elevation into stylised new heights. Pair with jeans, t-shirt and trainers for an understated yet trendy look.


5. Keep Rollin’

Surprise surprise the roll neck is back for these chilly winter months a secret personal fave of mine as it can add instant sophistacation to any guys look even if it’s styled with trackies and an oversized shirt. So what’s different this season? Well, it’s bigger.. definitely taller and expected to create an effortless statement to your outfit.

A true seventies referance again, this was a very popular trend seen on the catwalk this season at the likes of Versace, Oliver Spencer and Louis Vuitton.


An item worth investing in as we are seeing it time and time again across a wide varitey of catwalks. Worn with a classic cut coat gives an air of sophistication for a smart more formal look or pop it under a chunky knit or denim jacket for a more chilled vibe or perhaps under your shirt for a more measured look.