Without doubt this was my favourite Rocha collection to date. A stunningly beautiful assembly filled with satin, lace and silk in addition to endless dreamy tulle creations and enough frills to fill all of your fantastical daydreams.

Presented at the historical Middle Temple, an inn of court that was established by the middle of the 14th century, evoking a sense of drama and gothic intensity to the darker side of this impressive SS18 presentation.


A collection representing innocence and childhood memories mirrored by Simone Rocha’s usual signatories of endless streams of tulle, frills galore and larger than life skirts, but these were elevated to impressive new heights of diverse femininity.

The prettiest, almost paper like, delicate dresses were showcased paired with the most beautiful jewellery pieces perfectly encapsulating a doll like parody.


Elements of a more sinister continuation of the collection were seen through the use of a much darker colour palette of red and black, a strong contrast from the lighter more childhood daydream type palette. The audible addition of Skeeter Davis – The End of the World provided the spooky platform giving a more sinister component to the production.

The progression was clear to see in terms of colour but Simone Rocha is not a designer led by aggression or hostility, she inspires creations that leave you in a state of wonderment.


Digging deeper into the collection you discovered perfect examples of tailored shirts, silk dresses hugged close to the skin and structured top handle handbags, thus keeping the collection more contemporary and so more appealing to women rather than the childlike portrait the collection suggests.


Simone Rocha continues to attract the masses by designing clothing that inspires confidence in the women who wear them.

A designer who uses an emotive baseline in order to establish drama and nostalgia into her designs.