COAT 101…

A good coat will take you places so mastering the art of purchasing the perfect coat is a must. So here I am to tell you how to do just that.

The good news is that once you have found said perfect coat of all your dreams you probably won’t have to look again for a while …unless you’re me… then it will just be another glorious addition to your ever growing collection of favourites.

It’s definitely not too late in the season to establish this relationship between you and your dream coat as the winter chills just keep on coming. Plus a good coat can deter you from wearing everything in your wardrobe all at once, which I know is ever so tempting in this freezing cold weather.

The perfect coat should be the crowning glory to any outfit as well as keeping you warm and looking good because we can have it all…can’t we?

So here are my 5 top tips to keep in mind when looking for your ideal coat:

  1. Look for Quality

Always read the label, what’s it made of? If it’s wool then how much of it is actually wool? You need to feel the fabrics and textures within the coat. Does it have a lining? Always a good sign of quality and should feel silky smooth next to your clothing. Try to stay away from Polyester as it’s not a breathable fabric and will leave you feeling encased in your own personal heatwave and no matter what the weather, public transport will not be your friend.

  1. Your Personal Style

Fit your coat to suit your own personal style but always be aware of what suits your body, taking into account your height for example…Shorter people should stay away from anything below the knee, but you must always try as many styles as possible in order to choose your perfect coat be it calf length, knee length, hooded, collared, double breasted, tie waist etc etc you need to know what’s right for you so the more you try the better.

  1. Be Patient

Patience is always key when searching for your ideal coat. As I said it’s very important to try as many styles as possible and, although this can be agonising, it is very much worth it as a well invested coat is the ultimate wardrobe essential. Outerwear is my absolute favourite because you can get away with wearing something oh so simple underneath and the ultimate coat can just completely set your entire look off, leaving you feeling totally empowered and ready to achieve the entire world.

  1. Layering

Leave enough room for layers underneath your coat because nobody wants to not be able to put their arms down or look like a bird that is constantly in flight. You also don’t want to find yourself walking at a snails pace in order to keep your increasing body temperature down, feeling so hot that you can literally sniff out the radiators because you feel like you’re about to explode and looking like you’ve just completed a high intensity work out. Arms can be skinny so wearing a chunky knit whilst shopping can eliminate these fears.

  1. Added Extras

This is something that is very important to me, maybe it’s just my job but I seem to need to carry a ridiculous amount of things with me at all times, so pockets in a coat make all my dreams come true. It is always important to think about what you will need out of your coat. Hoods are helpful they keep the rain off and keep you warm of course, but always make sure that the hood is weighted in some way to ensure that even a gentle breeze won’t knock it off your head because there is nothing more annoying than having your hands full and rain pelting down on your forehead whilst your hood flaps merrily around your neck.

So here are some of my favourites available now:


We could all do with as many treats as possible during these gloomy months, so go on and treat yourself, you deserve it!