The sun is shining and the weather is most definitely sweet! With the promise of more beautiful weather on the horizon it has me dreaming of those gloriously long summer days and I couldn’t be happier about it.

So now it’s time to embrace this glorious weather and go forth and adorn ourselves with the most striking of accessories be it colourful, pastel, embellished, patterned or supersized, we can further submerge ourselves into this summer time fine and drop several rays of sunshine into our treasure trove of accessories. No colour way is out of bounds so you can continue to confidently touch that rainbow for the foreseeable.

No rules need apply to this trend, be daring, the bolder ensures the more beautiful. Layer your jewellery, add a colourful printed bag to enhance a very simplistic outfit or drop a pair of shoulder grazing earrings and employ a sense of who you are by the pieces you choose and how you put them together.

Your style is unique. You can always take inspiration from trends which you like and make them your own – that to me is the fun of fashion and the reason we all wear what we wear, our clothing is an extension of our personality which is clear to see by the people you walk past everyday. Don’t lose your individuality by blindly following what you think you should be wearing or what someone has told you you should be wearing, wear what makes you feel happy and it will make a difference in everything that you do.

By adding these crowning pieces to your look you’ll be sure to enrich any outfit and uplift your mood on the daily. Even I’ve branched out from predominantly wearing black which must mean that there are some juicy gems out there, so here are some of my favourite accessories that’ll hopefully inspire you on your adventure into the world of accessories.