It’s never too early to be dreaming about the spring time.. GOOD NEWS! I saw a crocus the other day, which has got to mean something positive I’m sure and the sun doesn’t seem to be setting at lunchtime anymore so that’s definitely a plus. I’m all for a fresh crisp winter morning and cosy night in but I feel like I’ve definitely had my fill of those and am totally ready for the warm up to what will hopefully be, fingers crossed, an epically long Summer, like last year.

However the change in weather isn’t my only favourite thing to think about at this time of year. I also enjoy the thought of a wardrobe re – fresh and a stern evaluation of my current wardrobe status but that doesn’t mean that I go out and purchase an entirely new wardrobe every time the seasons change because who can do that? Luckily trends are great because they go round and round like a merry fashion carousel constantly reinventing and reworking previous trends to give the impression of something new but always drawing on old techniques and incorporating elements from past collections into the current season which is translated onto the high street.

So, great news for us! It means we can hold onto the majority of our wardrobes for a long while and just add the odd new piece here and there for a seasonal shake up because everyone deserves a treat or two or ten. Some of my favourite clothes are historical purchases not in a gross, “you’ve worn this too many times and should probably throw this away” way but in the way that they have stood the test of time and still command many a compliment to this day, whit whoo!

This spring/summer seasons trends are eclectic which is cool because it usually means that there’s something everyone will like from reworked lace to fruity colour palettes, seriously dressed down beach wear vibes to a much more elegant and fashionable version of boiler suit chic and a multitude of headwear is available from wide brimmed hats to scarves to veils – there’s options to say the least – even layering up to an almost autumnal level was forecast on the ss19 catwalks but I’m hoping that that foreboding, which so many designers seem to jump on board with, is nothing but a bad dream and we won’t need to invest in a raincoat this summer.

Here are some of my favourites…


lace has been reworked. Literally cut out of places and pasted back in others to create a more avant garde look for the high street. Wear this trend elemented into a skirt or shirt or create an all over “doily” look  – go with whatever you feel like.


Now these are juicy starburst colours as opposed to chalky pastel tones from previous seasons. These colours are here to pack a real punch to any outfit – dress tonally for the most impact. I can’t tell you how much I love tonal dressing, it really does make everyone look EPIC. Or just add a pop of colour such as a fruity blazer or belt to liven up any outfit.


Cycling shorts just aren’t going away and I’m definitely a fan of not wearing them in the practical sense of riding a bike because I don’t’ think I’ve ridden a bike since the day I got my stabilisers off sooo just going to stick with the sports luxe asthetic it adds to my wardrobe. Wear these dressed down with a hoody and a sick pair of sunglasses or add an oversized blazer and a harness type belt to your look and BAM – you look cool.


Denim of course denim …where would we be without denim? This season it’s bleached denim and that double denim thing is still most definitely a thing and can look effortlessly chic. Add to an all black look for a strong distinction or double it up for a more utilitarian look.


This trend is back in abundance, meaning we are going to find more designs on the high street which are perhaps seen more for practicality rather than anything else, but of course this still means they look good in the fashion sense but more cool than pretty. So boiler suits are a thing and come in so many different designs and waistlines so take the time to find which one works best for you.

Just remember to buy quality not in cheap quantity because THAT is waste and THAT is everything that is wrong with consumerism today.

Buying cheap clothing, which is unwanted and thrown away faster than it can be made and consumed, is aiding strongly in ruining our planet.