The Evolution of Gucci


“I’m not conscious of being a revolutionary. This is my life, looking through my glasses at my little world, but this world seems to be full of people who understand it”.

Alessandro Michele has catapulted the Gucci label into a new era since being appointed as Creative Director of the famous fashion house in January 2015. His infamous eccentric signatories and colourful style have undeniably set Gucci at the forefront of the fashion arena.

A designer with a clear vision for success, cleverly using key traditional sanctions of the house combined with his contemporary awareness, creating an entirely different narrative for the brand and establishing a new kind of Gucci woman.

Drawing his inspirations from his instinctive appreciation of visual stimuli, which was due in thanks to his mothers influence and love of cinema and his fathers interest in sculpture which sparked Michele’s imagination from an early age.

Able to harness his distinctive sense of vintage style at the Italian label Alessandro Michele took advantage of having free reign within his new role and took it in his stride which was noted by the house’s impressive financial growth and ever growing popularity.

The designer has worked under the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Silvia Venturini Fendi and Tom Ford who hired him in 2002 to design bags for Gucci after having noteable success in designing leather goods at Fendi. He then became associate designer to Frida Giannini in 2011 before being invited to accept his current position.

With an entire host of iconic awards already under his belt, including British GQ Designer of the Year Award, Alessandro was off to an impressive and noteworthy start employed by his thought provoking blend of the contemporary softened with a romantic air and placed within an androgynous aesthetic.

Michele literally burst out of any fashion designers dream dressing up box and used a plethora of Gucci classics to make his debut within the iconic fashion house.  A collection, which evoked an eclectic rebellion which drew its inspirations from each part of the creative spectrum and allowed the designers artistic side to shine throughout.

It was a truly exceptional introduction into this indicative role that excitedly set the tone for future collections.

“You have to be open to dreaming. It’s a complicated language, but I’m obsessed with it”. 

From his eclectic autumn/winter 2015 debut to showcasing his fantastical vision of the “Gucci Cyborg” for autumn/ winter 2018, Alessandro Michele has continued to give us many inspirational fashion moments.

His beautiful use of colour clash for spring/summer 16 which exuded all the princess qualities of any girls dreams, that turned into the must have party dress of the season to the futuristic crystal mesh bodysuit from the autumn/winter 17 collection, famously worn by Rihanna at Coachella, paired with slashed denim shorts, it was the perfect juxtaposition which beautifully showed Michele’s ability to tap into the fashion collective and understand that he creates a way in which to translate his fantastical creations into a language that everyone speaks.

Dubbed the king of ‘maximalism” his catwalk confections have truly captured the imaginations of the fashion industry and his continued use of artistry in his designs and styling have reignited a entirely new way of dressing where anything seems possible and everything goes, making this a label that not only speaks to the who’s who of the industry but to everyone.

His continual use of nature and animals make each look a whimsical delight to behold, seen beautifully curated for the spring /summer 16 collection in the form of Chinese birds of paradise, flowers and butterflies to the gothic vaults and majestic stain glass windows at Westminster Abbey employed for the Gucci Cruise 17 show and the new clutch equivalent, “dragon puppies”, the cutest must have accessory seen at the autumn/ winter 18 show, all showcase Alessandro Michele’s fantastical eccentricity and a mind that knows no bounds.

Alessandro Michele is a designer who truly inspires me in both my work and my own style. He’s made a point of making fashion fun again and has managed to create the most beautiful illusion which we can all escape to.

A leader in this visionary field he continues to astound me with both his incredible imagination and his humble character, a passionate creator who respects his journey and feels in no rush to tell it all at once only to continue to create and exude creativity in others. He is creating for the present, forever encouraging the fashion house to evolve, it’s exciting to see where he will go to next – what’s the next fantastical adventure that he’s going take us on….

“The way you dress is really the way you feel, the way you love, what you read, your choices. That’s what I want to put into Gucci”.

TIm Walker 4