In a world supressed by the media that encapsulates every facet of our lives we are consistently told what we should be doing and how we should be coping with it. So I feel that it is perhaps more important now than ever to hold on to the things that make us happy and feel good, such as wearing beautiful clothes..

Everyone naturally creates their own signature style i.e. we supposedly all wear clothes that we like and feel good in but, whilst it can be helpful to look to your favourite music artist, actress, influencer etc. for inspo, on the gram it rarely works out. You’re an individual and can’t compare your look with someone else’s for an entire host of reasons – from your shape to your skin tone and most importantly, your personality.

Investing in a style that will stand the test of time and is personal to you will always be the better option to just copying another person’s style. Taking inspiration from others is always great, but take it too far and it really just starts to say something more about who you are as a person and how you’re feeling inside of yourself. Signature style evokes confidence and enhances personality – two pretty useful life tools so it’s definitely worth finding some time to discover who you are and what you like wearing and this, I promise, will improve all parts of life and without wanting to sound terribly cliché, when you’re looking good you do actually feel really good.

I’ve put together a seven step guide detailing all the necessary points which I feel are helpful to consider when cultivating your signature style. So, whether you are looking for a new look in its entirety or wanting to add some fresh vibes to your wardrobe, follow these simple steps and start feeling happier in your own skin.

MOOD BOARD – get creative and download Pinterest and make it your new best friend. Look for references that inspire you enough to interpret them into your own style. This helps take time out of trying on all of every shop and allows you to get a clearer visual of what might work for you. Don’t follow the crowd. Find excitement in securing your own style icons such as a family member – this helps to bring out true individuality and inspired styling.

BODY SHAPE – it’s important to understand your shape in order to understand the type of silhouettes that will suit you because what might look good on one shape won’t necessarily fit with another. For example a shift dress wouldn’t really work with an hourglass figure, but would for someone with slimmer legs and shoulders.

Try out different shapes and cuts. Think about what parts of your body you are most confident about and want to show off and build your look from there with garments that would compliment those assets.

COLOUR– This is just as important as silhouette hunting as certain colours work better with certain skin tones. Paler complexions naturally suit cooler more opulent tones evocative of dense forests and the sea, whereas darker and more olive tones suit a more earthy hue such as ruby reds and mustard, but if you’re pretty much neutral in your skin tone then you can entertain every colour of the rainbow.

But this is only a guide, I’m not trying to pigeon hole you or put you in any sort of skin-toned box. You can of course wear whatever colours you like this just explains what you wear best.

SIGNATORIES – whatever part of your styling this is, be it colour, material or accessory. Comfort brings confidence – get used to what suits you, a uniform of sorts, and what you feel comfortable in and then work out ways that you can mix and match key pieces to reinvent your clothing and accessories time and time again.

DISLIKES – It is just as important to consider things that you don’t like just as much as things that you do. Don’t ever feel the pressure to blindly follow a trend regardless of it suiting you or not. Just because everyone else is wearing something doesn’t mean that you have to too.

INVEST – forever pieces that will stand the test of time – good quality pieces are worth every penny rather than buying constantly and cheaply, which is bad for the soul let alone for the environment. Investing in key timeless fashion pieces that come around time and time again just makes sense and you can usually pair these sort of items with anything for example a leather skirt or tweed coat.

REVIEW – this is a must and something that I partake in on the reg – review your wardrobe so as not to confuse your style and make it easier to put looks together. Too much clutter i.e. clothes that you bought five years ago are not worth keeping no matter how many times you try and convince yourself that you will wear it next time you go out. If you haven’t worn it by now, you’re never going to wear it – let it go! A wardrobe cleanse ensures that you keep your look fresh and your signature style defined.