The summer heatwave is in full effect and whilst all you can probably think about is how not to spontaneously combust on your daily commute it might be a better distraction to think about what beautiful accessories you can adorn yourself with instead, how to add elements of “cool” to your style, if only for aesthetic effect.

This season the accessory style is eclectic. From full on dazzling glamoured accents to laid back hippy chic – the approach is unique to you. Personal style is paramount and refreshing compared to previous seasons which saw much more regimented trends.

Hairbands ruled the spring summer catwalks in accessory choice. Micro sunglasses have taken a back seat allowing angular shaped shades and visor like sunglasses to have their moment, pearl hair clips, sea shell earrings and heavy set hoops create a stylised look to larger than life bags and chained layered jewellery.

Belted bags continue to fly the flag of popularity but sleeker more elegant versions are the weapon of choice rather than the logo designs of previous seasons. Feathers on shoes are most definitely a thing and super casual naturally made bags ensures the ultimate beach bag for your summer vacay.

Here are some of my favourites from the catwalks this season: