Oh my word it’s here…how has this year gone so quickly?! I finally understand why old people always said to me that I should enjoy my “longer” summer days as one day I’ll grow up and they’ll fly by. Why? I always thought..old people are boring surely it should be the other way around? Alas, here we are and whilst I’m not entirely sure that I am a fully-fledged adult yet (and also not sure I ever want to be) this year has gone by super style lightning quick!

I know it’s not quite time to delve into your autumn/ winter style just yet however it doesn’t ever hurt to be prepared plus this time of year is more about spending three months finding that perfect party dress because COME ON who dresses like that anymore. It’s all about individuality this season, a carry on from your spring summer wardrobe. So stay well away from following your crowd and stand tall as an individual and create your stylised looks every day of the season in what you like and what you feel comfortable in.

This season the choice is diverse from super sized shoulder silhouettes to contributing a dose of daily disco to your wardrobe, adding a pair of wide legged leather trousers to your wishlist and enhancing your autumn/ winter collections with splashes of eccentric colour to deflect the dreary grey days.

Here are some of my favourites that I’ll be fully basking in this autumn/ winter season:

Black Magic

Goths rejoice! Halloween has come early! Welcome with open arms lashings of black lace, leather pieces and your favourite lipstick in shades of darkest plum. Grunge is having a moment. Think classic Goth circa early 2000s: long leather coat with long heavy soled boot but with a more fashionable aesthetic and a high fashion twist – Wednesday Adams eat your heart out!

Go Beige or Go Home!

Embrace beige. The beige colour palette has arrived this season in every shade, texture and pattern. Wear tonally throughout your look introducing different textures such as pleat and knitwear with tailored pieces for a more built up and balanced look or add elements of white or red or patterns such as snakeskin for a more stylised look.

Shoulder Boulder

The bigger the shoulder the bolder! I’m talking broad – the wider your shoulder concourse the better shown in a more sci fi contemporary evocative of mcQueens powerful image making this aesthetic reimagines a sense of undeniable confidence in your style.

Leather Legs

This seasons trouser of choice, whether wide leg, straight leg, high waisted, tailored or within the bounds of a biker aesthetic this leather trend will add a healthy dose of chic to your wardrobe. Although they can be expensive they will be a worthy investment that will stand the test of time alternatively there are some great faux leather versions available on the high street.

A rose is like a rose is like a rose is like a rose…

Roses are red and apparently in some places these days can be blue but this season roses will most definitely be over you – well mainly in print form anyway. You’re in for a very romantic season, taken or not. Roses have taken root within numerous fashion houses collections – a pleasing difference from a summer that took us back to micro florals so take this opportunity to bring a bouquet of whimsical joy into these colder more grey days of the year.

Seasonal Suiting

The trend that will perfectly show off your ambition and ensures a go anywhere, elite elegance empowering type of attitude. Try in grey or check with striking red, black or white accents and accessories for a powerful look.

Minimal for the Masses

This one is for all the independent ladies out there who are running around trying to launch businesses whilst constantly having to look chic and like you have your shit together so people wont be too scared to talk or work with you but all your thinking of is what your next step should be, all the time hoping people don’t notice the crazy or that reliable twitch in your left eye that never ceases, well here you go buddy! A trend which is effortlessly chic and entirely presentable in every space and where investment and long-term wardrobe favourites are paramount. Try a collar with a longer point, a wider set trouser or a chained necklace to easily stylise a more minimalistic look. 


In your ball gown. Big dress up fans the odds have been in your favour. You shall go to the ball and in a very big dress! Huzzar! You can star in your very own Christmas fantasy fairytale. Dreamy tulle and fancy feather creations encapsulated within a scrumptiously bold colour palette have been lording it down the catwalk this season. An insta friendly aesthetic bringing all the seasonal drama to your wardrobe. 

Ho Ho Hosiery

Tights are back – so we can all pair them with our fave leather skirt and skate around the floor like we’re four! Yay! Or you can just wear them to add extra warmth to your look so no shivering little leggies at the bus stop or train station in the depths of winter.  Try adding a pair to your outfit in a totally contrasting colour and texture thus creating an impactful accent to your ensemble.

Daily Disco

Disco is now a daily occurrence. Sequins and rhinestones are coming out of the darkness and into the daylight so you can feel that festive fruitfulness throughout all the day – tis the party season after all! Sparkle from head to toe or try an encrusted top shining bright like the disco balls of your dreams with a sharp pair of grey trousers. Party on the top – business on the bottom.