Looking at this seasons fashion trends it seems only befitting for our accessories to follow suit covering everything from the elegant to the extravagant. Organic pearl earrings to faux snakeskin are found in a myriad of designs. The bucket hat trend continues with an elegant twist of net – adorned glamour and on the catwalk we saw beanies styled with ball gowns as well as chunky choker length chains.

Although some accessories could be seen as extravagant the overriding theme for this season is elegance and polish. Gone are the XXL bags of yester year and instead welcome the sophisticated yet laid back aesthetic of the 70s cross body bag. Long lean boots are having a moment as well as the heeled Mary – Jane and Yuck! can you believe it….. the kitten heel. The kitten heel is really a heel that I believe should be lost in time forever. Thank god for the more militant heavy weighted boots that were seen in abundance throughout this seasons fashion weeks and that although heavy also translate as effortlessly chic and incredibly stylish.

Here are some of favourites to inspire for the upcoming season which will hopefully inspire a little creativeness to your styling on those great rainy days…

The Pearl Earring

Organic pearls are having a moment this season, possibly made more popular than ever by The Favourite, a film that if you are in any way interested in fashion is a must see. The clothing was monochromatically exquisite, the cuff envy was real and all adorned with the most beautiful pearls. A difference from the all out sparkling adornments of past seasons, a welcome change befitting for the cosy season. Pearls can be worn with anything and you can wear as much or as little as you like so adorn away!

The Heavy Boot

Heavyweight militant boots were seen in abundance throughout the autumn winter catwalks seen matched with both voluminous ball gowns as well as minimal tailoring both totally acceptable adding a grunge like aesthetic for a juxtaposing look.


Headwear options are diverse this season. From upper crust bucket hats to beanie hats adorned with embellished trinkets reminding you of when you were 15 and your collection of beanie hats was a personal wardrobe highlight of yours. Caps are in as well as big ass headbands so you can get your regal vibe on circa Henry VIII. Alternatively you could look into purchasing some oversized headwear, think Pharell or a more chilled skull cap scarf knotted around your head.

The 70s Cross Body Bag

Bubi oversized tote and hello elegantly chilled 70s style cross body bag. Wear thrown over your shoulder, effortlessly hold the strap scrunched up in your hand or obviously wear it across your body.

The 80s Waist Belt

This chunky belt is back to add instant style to your look. Wear this with a beautiful dress or to secure a scarf or shawl around you for an effortlessly elegant look. This allows a voluminous draping material to become more figure grazing so as not to lose definition of your figure.

Choker Chain

No this isn’t the annoying tie a piece of rope around your neck and tie it in a bow…. this is oh so much better/ actually goo. Chains are everywhere that’s stylish and the necklace of choice for the season. Again, wear this accessory with anything to create a more stylised look.

Long & Lean

Crazy trainers out , long lean elegant boots in and more often than not found with a square toe or heel or toe and heel this time around. The femininity has been elevated to an all out elegant level when it comes to footwear this season. Tailored and chic offerings in the form of mules, boots and heels will be occurring in a shop near you – it’s always a good idea to invest in a great pair of sophisticated yet comfy boots for the cold rainy season. Keep those tootsies warm and your ankles the colour they should be which unfortunately trainers so desperately negated.

Snakeskin Focus

Crocodile is over. Snakeskin is now the chosen one and it’s here to enliven your autumn winter wardrobe. Shoes, bags, belts your accessory of choice is endless and comes in a myriad of designs so you can blitz your entire look with a matching combo or just add an element thus giving another elemental dimension to your stylised look.