We can look forward to a champion spring summer season with an overwhelming sense of grandeur and beauty, a perfect environment to dream of endless summer days with the warm glow of sunshine on our faces.

I’m beyond ready to emerge from the tiresome cloak of winter and step into an actual full day of daylight minus the wind burn on my face and wearing two pairs of socks, sometimes more, everywhere I go to avoid chilblains. Yes, I have the feet of a 95-year-old woman or as my mum would call them, “princess feet”…. which is definitely a prettier way of looking at it – feet that are only made to be wrapped up in blankets or propped up on a silk cushion. Entirely not ideal for my job or anything at all really but I’ll soldier on… Anyway, less about my feet, let’s see what we’ll be wearing this season as it’s never too early to be dreaming of the springtime and with London Fashion Week kicking off imminently for their AW20 edition you are already way behind the times, trust me….

Graceful, fluid silhouettes reign supreme for this years’ sunny seasons from sinuous cotton dresses to the drawing room drama of floor sweeping gowns, compiled with exquisite beauty. Baroque is back and its going to be found everywhere. Replace more feminine florals and make an impressive impact. Baroque style is opulent yet rigorous and will enhance any look with outstanding regalia. Expect textured fabrics, embroideries, silk tapestries and ornate details that render each day a grand exhibition. Be daring and wear as an entirely tonal outfit or add as an elemental highlight to any simplistic look, such as a jacket, pair of trousers, handbag or head band.

If you’ve been wanting to get your head around wearing a dress, as I know it’s not of paramount priority on a lot of peoples lists and is merely a pipe dream of femininity that they’ve never had the guts to try then this is your year to do it – new decade, new dress? Voluminous and capacious in structure they’ll allow plenty of time for you to get beach body ready……bonus y’all.

Trench coats are back but let’s face it, they’re always back… I really don’t think they’ll ever be a year where they’re not allowed, so drag that trendy pac a mac from the depths of your wardrobe and adorn with glory. This year they have however been given a little revamp, not to say you can’t wear your classic style because you can, of course you can, but don’t be surprised if you come across a little reworked number such as the addition of frills, a trim which will be found on a lot of garments this season, exposed arms or added texture or pattern which goes against this classic British garment.

Crispy, crunchy cottons are in, beautifully styled options which translate to expert layering, think statement collared shirts, traditionally tailored with clean sleeves, voluminous ankle grazing skirts and sinuously constructed dresses perfectly paired with flat knee high boots while the chill still hangs in the air during the springtime, swapped for wedges or even sandals for the warmer months.

Drape yourself godlike with this seasons “draping trend”, an artful reboot of the springtime dress. Easy going elegance, you can’t go wrong with this form grazing design. Add some signatory sparkling adornments and you’re well on your way to communicating the ultimate feminine form. Starkly different to the famous 70s clash, another popular trend for this spring summer season – if you enjoy wearing bold colour, accompanied by every texture, fabric and pattern then this will be your dream year as it will be found prominently throughout the high-street. There are no rules when it comes to styling this trend – like I said any texture, any fabric, any pattern, in the loudest colour combinations anywhere and everywhere!
Bralets are having another 90s moment so time to get going on that summer six pack, right? Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to wear this trend with your stomach sticking out, especially as it doesn’t always look exactly elegant, you can wear this with a shirt underneath or with a little lacy number leaving your spice girl alter ego at the door, but if you do wear it solo then please, please wear with only a little slice of stomach sticking out with something high waisted, so much more stylish and sophisticated!

In terms of colour this spring summer season touches on everything from bold, juicy fruits to metallics, a more muted colour palette of beige – ness, white and soft blues to black and white found in an array of fabrics from lace to leather, cotton to silk and patterned to embroidered.

Here are some inspirational references to tantalise your styling taste buds and get you ahead in the spring summer wardrobe game – welcome to the 20s!!